UPS & Inverter

  Line Interactive UPS Line Interactive UPS

               Technical Specifications of Premier Line Interactive UPS Systems :
  Capacity 600 VA to 3 KVA
  Input 160 V to 295 Volts, 5Q Hz
  Output (on mains) 230 V nominal Range : 230 5%
  Output (on Battery) 230 V, 50 Hz 0.5 %
  Output Waveform (Battery) Quasi-sine
  Transfer time 2 - 4 ms including detection time
  Battery 12 V, 24 V, 36 V, 48 V
  Recharge time 6 hours to 90% capacity
  Backup time (Optinal) 20 minutes on full load (Depends on customer's need)
  Power Outlets (Optional) 3 Nos
  Ambient temperature 0-48 deg. C
  Technology PWM MOSFET based
  Application Soho Segment

                 Technical Specifications of Premier Invertor Systems :  
  Input 230 V Nominal single Phase 50 Hz
  Output Voltage a) On mains-same as Input
b) During Power failure 230 V 10 % 50 Hz 2 Hz
Modified Sine Wave
  Battery Charging 8 to 10 hours from fully discharged condition to
fully charged condition
  Operating Time Backup Power for 1 hour to 8 hours, depending on the battery capacity and load.
  Efficiency 95%
  Control Inverter On / Off switch
  Visual Indication Mains On, Charger On, Inverter On & Trip
  Protection a) Fuse and MCB protection against mains overload
b) Fuse protection against Inverter Overload
c) Automatic tripping of generator when battery voltage goes below low voltage point.
d) Automatic boost trickle charging of battery.
e) In case of an over load PREMIER gives a warning alarm and switches off automatically
  Application Electrical & Electronic Equipments such as Fans, Tube Lights, TV & VCR, Electronic Weighing Machine, Telex, Fax etc...
  Uses Offices, Commercial Establishments, Hospitals, Study rooms, Homes, Auditoriums, Workshops, Garages, Places of worship etc.
  Ranges 300VA to 5000VA


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