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  UTP Modular Patch Panels   Features
  We offer modular patch panels for termination of horizontal and backbone cabling. It has a robust construction and excellent cable management. It surpasses Cat 5e requirements of EIA/TIA. The RJ-45 module jacks and Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) mounted on the Printed circuit board give the design an unmatched modularity and elegance. The printed circuit design combines advanced balancing methodology with the pair isolation techniques which guarantee a EIA/TIA TSB – 40A performance at rated 100Mbps.
  UTP Cables   Features
  4 pair Cat 6 UTP Cable is manufactured in accordance with the latest EIA/TIA 568-B.2-1 Category 6 specifications and exceeds amn exceeds the minimun requirements. Cat 6 UTP cable is designed for use in a factory (noisy) environment. The cable is packed in enhanced noxes containing 305m (1000ft.) of cables. The packaging allows for low tension feed and flexible product storage. It is designed to exceed performance requirements of EIA /TTA-568-B.2/1, ISO /IEC 1180. In addition the cable has passed UL444 tests and meets CM and CMR ratings.
  UTP Patch Cords   Features
Patch Cord is an assembyly of four pairs of highly flexhible UTP cables, terminated with RJ-45 connectors at both the ends. They serve the purpose of connecting work are equipment to the wall outets and / or premises equipments to the horizontal cross connect patch panel.
  STP Information Outlets   Features
The shield Information Outlet acts  as a connection point for the customer premises equipment. They are highly recommended for use in the areas where in the horizontal cabling is in proximity to electrical facilities that generate high levels of electromagnetic interference. Motors, Generator Sets, Transformers are the possible sources of interferences. So also are the heavy-duty photocopiers, printers which generate spontaneous noised during use. The shielded wall information outlets have been engineered to ensure full-featured end-to-end connectivity that surpasses Category 5e requirements. The shuttered front access for the cable prevents the entry of dust while the “perfect  fit” connector holder design helps easy snap in and removal of the keystone jacks. The cable tie anchor point provides highly effective strain relief for cables.


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