Large Enterprise 48 to 500                 Digital Key Telephone System


In today's world, the role of telecommunications accompanied with information technologies is growing day by day. Enterprises are obliged to reconstruct their systems to fulfill the ever increasing need for information and efficiency to enhance value.

ACCORD Business Systems are the best choice for Organisations looking for reliable and cutting edge technology at affordable price. Designed for comfort, convenience and accuracy, these versatile systems provide easy and quick access to the numerous time saving features.


  Exclusive Features

01. Conversation Recording
02. Digital Twin Port Design
03. Hybrid Keyphone Port
04. Wireless Telephony (DECT)
05. ISDN - BRI / PRI
06. Virtual Telephony
07. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
08. Caller Line Identification (CLI)
09. Different Ring for Different CLI
10. 32 / 15 Party Conference
11. External Call Forwarding
12. Dialing by Name
13. Intercom Searching within Department
14. Unanswered Calls Record
15. On Call Programming
16. Multi-level Voice Disa (MLVD)

Money Saving Features
On line advice of charge
Auto Call Disconnection
Call Budgeting
Dynamic STD lock
Direct call billing in rupees

NetWorking Features
ISDN Connectivity
Tie Line with E&M
Magneto trunk
Group DID

Efficient Office Management
Versatile ASMDR
Power Failure transfer
Programmable class of Fservice
Multi attendant's Fconsole

Facilities Offered
Auto-redial 99 times
Paging on key phone
Caller name & extn. no. Fon display
Conference upto 3/8 Fpaties
Backround music (BGM)
Direct outward station Faccess (DOSA)
Direct station selection F(DSS)

Call Answering Features
Absent message texts
Multi level voice DISA
Auto-answer / Auto- Off
Numeric messaging
Voice mail connectivity

Hospitality Featuers
Check-in with guest Fname
Temporary check-in Fcheck-out
Room shifting
Message reminder
Alarm with message / Gmusic
Computer connectivity

Dialing Related
Dial by Name - Internal / External (upto 300 Nos.)
Speed Dialing 600 Nos.
Auto Redialling upto 70 times


Advice of Charge on Line Display
Angular View Backlit LCD Display
Automatic Call back Display
Background Music (BGM)
Call Line Identification (CLIP) Display
Call Duration Display
Clock/Calender Display
Conference-3 Party
Display of Absent Messages Texts (9 Nos.)                          
Direct Station Selection (DSS)-Optional
Digital Volume Control (K-1)
Dual Colour SMD LEDs
Emergency Call/Busy Over-ride
Hand Free / Speaker Phone
Last Number Redial
Message Waiting Lamp
Numeric Messages Display
On Line Programming Display
On Hook Dialing
One Touch Programmable Dialing Keys
Speed Dialing
Volume Setting
Wall Mounting (K-2)


Abbreviated Dialing from DSS
All Key Phone Features
Direct Selection of Any Trunk
Direct Selection of Any Extension
Force Release of Trunk
Four Operator Consoles Connectivity
(including 3 auxiliary)
Head Phone Connectivity
High Intensity Red Surface Mounted LEDs
Temporary Log-in of Auxiliary Operator
Temporary Log-out of Auxiliary Operator

Key Phone Features

On hook Dialing
Hands Free Intercom
Hands free intercom & Outside call
Dual colour LED 20 keys
Variable ring tone-8 tones
Large LCD display - 16x2 characters
Hybrid Phone Upgrade


Model Capacity
ADX-400 24 to 248 Ports
ADX-600 72 to 504 Ports , 96 to 1000 Ports
ADX Plus 128 to 1500 Ports






































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